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NUR 492 Process Improvement and Change Project Presentation

NUR 492 Process Improvement and Change Project Presentation
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I need to preview an example to make sure I am on the right track.instructor is of no help what so ever. thanks


prepare a 10 -15 slide microsoftpowerpoint presentation with speaker notes. Slide count does not include the title or reference slides and include the following topics (NOTE: you must incorporate each item below in the slide header in your final presentation to prevent 1 point loss per missing item):


*Identificiation of problem or process to be changed

*Need for the change or enhancement, including driving forces such as:

-regulatory, such as OSHA mandate


-Improved efficiency

-Patient satisfaction

-life safety issue


*methodology used

*what change theorist and leadership style you would incorporate

*Research literature to support proposed change process

*PDAC TQM cycle, implementation strategies, and evaluation process. Note: You may use Six Sigma or another Total Quality Management (TQM) method if it is used by your organization; however this change must be approved by the instructor. *Summary


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