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CJA 304 week 2 Team assignment Police Report

CJA 304 week 2 Team assignment Police Report
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Learning Team Assignment: Police Report


Resources: Minnesota v. Riff court case documents (which is preferred), or a similar court case’s documents that you and your teammates have access to. This case must be as complex as Minnesota v. Riff and must be approved by your instructor.


The Minnesota v. Riff court case is posted in the Learning Team forums.  You can search of the Internet for a similar court case. You may do a general Internet search, or you may search the following sites:


o   United States Supreme Court, located at

o   Case Law, located at

o   FindLaw, located at



Write an arrest-and-incident police report using the specified guidelines and parameters for report writing as outlined in the assigned readings and the provided police forms.


o   Assume the role of the investigating officer.

o   The report must be factual, accurate, objective, and complete.

o   Ensure the police report is as long as necessary, concise, clear, and mechanically correct.

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