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INF 103 Week 5 Discussion 2 Wordle of Your Research Paper

INF 103 Week 5 Discussion 2 Wordle of Your Research Paper
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INF 103 Week 5 Discussion 2 Wordle of Your Research Paper You will create a Wordle word visualization cloud from your research paper and share it with the class. Review Tom Barrett’sForty-Five Interesting Ways* to Use Wordle in the Classroom. In order to create a PDF of your Wordle cloud later, install a free PDF printer software fromCutePDF. Click on “Free Download” link and download the file and run the installation. During installation, follow the directions but do NOT choose Ask Toolbar installation by unclicking all the options for Ask Toolbar (start with the last check option in that dialog box). After the install, follow the instructions to install “Free Converter” software. Then, you can find CutePDF under a list of your printers. Go toWordleand view the gallery. Click on “Create” link and then copy and paste your whole research paper into “Paste in a bunch of text” textbox (you may remove your name from the text) and click on the “Go” button. The Wordle word visualization cloud of your research paper will appear. Try clicking on the “Randomize” button several times to see different versions of your word cloud. Try adjusting options under “Font,” “Layout,” and “Color” in the menu bar of Wordle to further fine-tune your Research Paper word cloud. In order to create a PDF document of your Wordle word cloud when you are satisfied with the result, Click on the “Print” button, Choose “CutePDF Writer” from the list of printers Click on “Properties” to define color and page orientation Click “OK” Choose where you will like to save the PDF and give a filename using convention: first initial last initial Wordle (for example for Jane Smith, jsWordle.pdf) NOTE: On Mac OS X, CutePDF is not necessary as Mac offers a way to print PDF files. Review instructions atMac OS X 10.4 Help: Saving a document as a PDF file. Optional: If you are willing to share your creation with the public (hopefully, you would like others to see your work), share it in the public gallery by clicking on the “Save to public gallery…” button and giving it a title and username. Please note that there is no way to delete it after you publicly share it, so do not include any personal information in your text or Wordle. Submit your PDF of Wordle word cloud to the discussion board as an attachment in your post.

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