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BUSN 278 Week 1-7 All Discussion Question

BUSN 278 Week 1-7 All Discussion Question
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Week 1DQ 1 Budgeting and Planning

Week 1DQ 2 Forecasting Techniques

Week 2DQ 1 Linear Regression

Week 2DQ 2 Seasonal Variations

Week 3DQ 1 Revenue Budget

Week 3DQ 2 Capital Expenditures Budget

Week 4DQ 1 Capital Budgeting

Week 4DQ 2 New Business Startups

Week 5DQ 1 Master Budget

Week 5DQ 2 Cash Budgeting

Week 6DQ 1 Cost Behavior

Week 6DQ 2 Variance Analysis

Week 7DQ 1 Administering the Budget

Week 7DQ 2 Presenting and Defending a Budget

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