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CJA 344 Week 4 Team Assignment Ethnicity and Corrections

CJA 344 Week 4 Team Assignment Ethnicity and Corrections
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Research one of the following ethnicity and corrections case studies:


·         The Stanford Prison Experiment

·         California’s race-based lockdowns

·         Attica Prison riot

·         Farmer v. Brennan, et al.


Present the significance of cultural diversity as it relates to correctional facilities using your selected case as an example.

Summarize ethnic disparity and discrimination within corrections.

Create a 10-15 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of your findings. Include detailed speaker notes

Format your references consistent with APA guidelines.


Certificate of Originality (CoO) - Make sure to submit the Certificate of Originality (CoO) along with this assignment.  The CoO cannot replace the title page or be part of the title page, please turn in separately in your Assignments Section.


Post your paper in a Microsoft Word format and attach it to the Assignments Section on Monday, Day 7.

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